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Archive for November 27th, 2017

Kaart met onontplofte bommen in Amsterdam nu openbaar

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/11/27

De interactieve bommenkaart van de gemeente die laat zien waar onontplofte bommen uit de Tweede Wereldoorlog liggen, is openbaar gemaakt.

Source: [] Kaart met onontplofte bommen in Amsterdam nu openbaar

Kaart: [] Grote kaart – Dataportaal

Eerder artikel: [Archive.isKaart met verdachte bommen onder Amsterdam bijgewerkt

Dichtbij: [Archive.isVerdachte gebieden: Monte Viso / Gran Paradiso / Pasubio


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OS X dmg files – Disk Utility usually creates them read-only

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/11/27

While recovering the backups of a Retina MacBook Pro, I needed to know if I could mount a Disk Utility backup image on read-only mode.

Finding that info was a tad difficult as most results were about making dmg files read-write. This already hinted me in that most dmg files were readonly.

The main tool for handling dmg files is hdiutil. for which you can get more info here:

The hdiutil command imageinfo will output a Format: line having the kind of dmg image:

  • UDRW – UDIF read/write image
  • UDRO – UDIF read-only image
  • UDCO – UDIF ADC-compressed image
  • UDZO – UDIF zlib-compressed image
  • UDBZ – UDIF bzip2-compressed image (OS X 10.4+ only)
  • UFBI – UDIF entire image with MD5 checksum
  • UDRo – UDIF read-only (obsolete format)
  • UDCo – UDIF compressed (obsolete format)
  • UDTO – DVD/CD-R master for export
  • UDxx – UDIF stub image
  • UDSP – SPARSE (grows with content)
  • UDSB – SPARSEBUNDLE (grows with content; bundle-backed)
  • RdWr – NDIF read/write image (deprecated)
  • Rdxx – NDIF read-only image (Disk Copy 6.3.3 format)
  • ROCo – NDIF compressed image (deprecated)
  • Rken – NDIF compressed (obsolete format)
  • DC42 – Disk Copy 4.2 image

All compressed formats seem to be read-only and of course all read-only formats. Which then basically leaves only these as (potentialy) read-write image types:

  • UDRW
  • UFBI
  • UDSP
  • UDSB
  • RdWr
  • DC42

References and further reading:


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Chrome Store Foxified: Enables the Google Chrome Store and Opera Addons Website for Firefox.

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/11/27

Most of my browser life is in Chrome, but the memory consumption and CPU usage has increased so much over time so it, err, become less than optimal.

Given the new FireFox is supposed to use far less memory and CPU than previous FireFox versions, I want to try it, but since so much of my Chrome life is about Chrome Extensions, I was glad to discover [WayBackChrome Store Foxified

by Nicolas AragoneNoitidart
Enables the Google Chrome Store and Opera Addons Website for Firefox. Point and click to install Opera/Chrome extensions straight into Firefox.



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