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Posted by jpluimers on 2018/01/01

It is a lot (~300 megabyte compressed download!), but worth it.

Here are the links:

And the quote from [WayBack] LAUNCHED … – Joe C. Hecht – Google+


337 MB of source and utils in 2,308 Files, 910 Folders before you build (not counting 3rd party source UberBuild downloads).

It’s a start, with much to come.It will get easier now that UberBuild is clean.

I will be updating the docs and website in the next few days.

Special thanks …

I already see room for improvement (such as a setup screen for extra compilers such as Delphi and Free Pascal to keep folks out of shell scripts and from hunting for help in the documentation).


3 Responses to “LAUNCHED”

  1. TJoe said

    There is no “just” about it.

    The UberPDF-SDK IS a wrapper around Jay Berkenbilt’s most excellent QPDF library.

    I have been coding PostScript since 1985, and PDF from day one, and threw out my core PDF writer in favour of QPDF (and we have been probably the largest contributor
    to the QPDF project ever since). If you enjoy QPDF’s content parser or the some of the encryption features, you are welcome. We helped steer a bit of that.

    But UberPDF-SDK is also “just” the tip of the iceburg. It’s a simple reader writer, and our first open source offering to test the water (UberBuild) with. There is a lot more coming.

    You have UberPDF-Utils (over a million lines of high level PDF code), the GX Math & Graphics™ package (with a cross platform high speed RIP and frame buffer engine), a Level 3 PostScript Interpreter, a cross platform viewer editor control, and the very ugly UberBuild that manages building the whole mess across platforms.

    I also have to say the GX RIP is nothing to sneeze at. We are getting over 1,450 FPS in a VM while tiling a moving background, processing 2.5-D transformed images and RIPing 6 layers of paths (with blending with alpha channels) un-accelerated using a single i7 cpu core at a lowly 2ghz. To a Delphi PaintBox… and 40% of the bench time is in a single call to the GDI SetDIBitsToDevice() function to transfer the resulting bits to the display.

    It’s a lot faster than the TopGun engine I helped to write for Disney Interactive :)

    It was actually comparable to Vulkan. wow.

    So, yes, you are absolutely correct, the UberPDF-SDK IS a wrapper around Jay Berkenbilt’s most excellent QPDF library. We use it because it is the best.

    And my buddy Jeroen is very correct, UberBuild opens the door for QPDF’s use under many compilers (such as Delphi) and provides a common interface acorss development tools and platforms.

    And what’s next for Delphi? A full STATIC link to all the libs mentioned, plus FreeType and Cairo, cause we are going to build it all with C++ Builder :)

    When? I am just one guy trying to release a 34 year build up of graphics related code. ASAP!


    GX Math & Graphics™ is a trademark of Joe C. Hecht

    ÜberGrid™, ÜberPDF™, and UberDude™ are trademarks of Code4Sale, LLC.

    PostScript® is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated

  2. Arnaud Bouchez said

    Isn’t it just a wrapper around ?

    • jpluimers said

      Not “just”, and also for libjpeg, libpng and zlib.

      The wrappers have all the permutations for many Delphi, FreePascal and C compilers on many platforms.

      The wrappers have a standardised method signature for all these permutations

      Finally a truckload of tests for all these permutations.

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