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… / source / Native / Delphi / Library / Data / DataSetEnumeratorUnit.pas — Bitbucket

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/04/18

Reminder to self that I one day need to write more about this enumerator:

[WayBackjeroenp / / source / Native / Delphi / Library / Data / DataSetEnumeratorUnit.pas — Bitbucket

It’s not nearly as good as the one by Uwe Raabe, but I didn’t really update this code for about a decade as it has functioned well for me in the current state: in 2009 it was like [WayBackbo library – Source Code.

Code by Uwe is at [WayBackDataset Enumerator Reloaded | The Art of Delphi Programming via [WayBack] Refurbishing old code: Raabe – Google+

A couple of years ago I wrote a two-part article about a dataset enumerator: A Magical Gathering – Part 1 and Part 2. Well, things evolved a bit since then and I wondered how one would implement something similar given the current features of Delphi. Actually I am following here a suggestion from commenter Alan Clark.

So for now it’s just to document that my enumerator is there and that it works as intended.

I referenced an older version at [WayBackFor-in Enumeration – ADUG as I used it at Spoken @ CodeRage III, December 1-5, 2008 on Delphi, database and XML related topics and Source: Conferences/2009/DelphiLive.2009/Smarter-code-with-databases-and-data-aware-controls.

A small video on how you use it is here:

It was back when Better Office and CodeGear still existed and we celebrated (late) Gwan Tan’s 50th birthday.

O the days (:

More history:


2 Responses to “… / source / Native / Delphi / Library / Data / DataSetEnumeratorUnit.pas — Bitbucket”

  1. KMorwath said

    Unless the data are local (i.e. a Client Dataset), or the process needs to be client-side for a very good reason, enumerating client-side a large remote dataset is something you don’t want… unless your enumerator can turn it into the proper SQL commands, which could be much faster and avoid the heavy network load.

    Because this stuff could be very database specific (there’s a big difference if you use SQLite or Oracle, for example), maybe it’s better if one needs to write a little more code, so maybe he or she will think if there’s a better way to achieve it…

    • jpluimers said

      Good points. I mainly use this on local datasets. Sometimes operations do not map nicely to SQL (or data conversions byte you), so that’s when I use it for remote datasets as well. Not optimal, but sometimes you have to compromise.

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