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Archive for January 7th, 2019

AmazonSmile – Kontaktieren Sie uns

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/07

F√ľr mein Archiv: Zur Amazon chat geht via¬†AmazonSmile – Kontaktieren Sie uns.


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Strange MAC addresses starting FA:8F:CA without OUI in your network? They are Locally Administered Addresses and likely from Google.

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/07

A while ago, I write about Locally Administered Addresses: a few series of MAC addresses you can use on your local network: MAC address ranges safe for testing purposes (Locally Administered Address).

A while ago, I found ones in my network and ones in my WiFi SSID survey starting with FA:8F:CA. They did not show up in the Wireshark · OUI Lookup Tool nor their manufacturer database.

But with bit 7 turned off they start with F8:8F:CA which does show up as “F8:8F:CA Google, Inc.”

They appear to be Google devices, in my case Google ChromeCast ones, though they can also be Google Home ones.

Google does “magic” with networks, just look at a few of the links here:


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Zabbix triggers and web response scenarios

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/07

A few notes on Zabbix triggers and web scenarios:

  • Triggers are part of the web scenario as a whole, not the step inside a web scenario
  • A trigger is only displayed in the web scenario graph if it contains only the web response time
  • You do not need triggers for:
    • http response code: if you specify one or more “Status codes” (overview grid) or “Required status codes” (edit screen)” for a¬†step, the web scenario will fail without the need for a trigger
    • http response content: if you specify a “Required” (overview grid) or “Required string” (edit screen) for a step, the web scenario will fail without the need for a trigger
  • If a step of a web scenario fails, the other steps are not executed.
  • Graphs for web scenarios show cumulative times of the steps, but absolute times for the triggers.

For now I’ve set these kinds of triggers on response times:

  • Level Warning: 2 minute of response time > average
  • Level Average: 5 minutes of response time > 2*average
  • Level High: 10 minutes of response time > 4*avarage
  • Level Disaster: 30 minutes of response time > 10*average

These are the colours by default used for the trigger levels: at

Default Zabbix trigger severities and their colours.

Default Zabbix trigger severities and their colours.


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FileZilla not available as homebrew cask any more

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/07

After an outrage about AdWare mid last year on the Windows side of things, a new outrage on the Mac side of things at the end of last year caused FileZilla to be removed from the homebrew cask repository.

They do not care that there is a non-bundle version that (right now) does not have adware, as FileZilla could put AdWare in that version at any moment in time.

After trying to update, it will disappear, and you might get an error like this (a full log is below the fold):

"Error: Cask 'filezilla' is unavailable: No Cask with this name exists."

Too bad, as FileZilla was fun while it lasted.

For the dare devils, you might want to try the non-bundled version at fosshub, but please run it through at least VirusTotal before installing, and remember: you have to trust yet another man-in-the-middle!

Uninstalling now that the cask has been removed is described in:




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