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Archive for January 14th, 2019

In windows, can I redirect stdout to a (named) pipe in command line? – Super User

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/14

Interesting thought [WayBackIn windows, can I redirect stdout to a (named) pipe in command line? – Super User.

The only problem seems to be a good way of creating/removing those pipes.


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Reminder to self: see how widespread support for the TCP BBR congestion control algorithm is.

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/14

The TCP BBR congestion control algorithm was introduced in September 2016 and became available in Linux kernel 4.9 in July 2017 after being in the news for a good 5 months (see links below). It strives for better bandwidth use and lowering latency on big data pipes.

This post is a reminder myself to see how widespread that is on recent distributions for both end-user and server systems.



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E46: replace battery in car key

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/14

Two videos that show how to cut open the E46 diamond shaped car key to replace the battery are below.

Far cheaper than a ~ EUR 200 replacement key: [Archive.iswhat did you pay for your E46 diamond key replacement? – E46Fanatics

Parts needed:

  • Panasonic VL2020 Akku – or 2016 (non-rechargeable but should be compatible)
  • 66 12 2 155 753 BMW Schlüssel-Emblem

Tools needed:

  • Vise/Vice (German: Schraubstock)
  • very sharp knife
  • super glue

Related Related: door lock and key problems; FM Antenna problems


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Life after Google+: an export tool that use the G+ API and runs on Google Firebase

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/01/14

Another follow up on Life after Google+ – Lars Fosdal:

[WayBack] GitHub – RomainVialard/Google-Plus-Community-Migrator

This repository presents a way to export posts from a Google+ community (in this case the Google Apps Script community), along with comments & likes (plusones) using the Google+ REST API and import them in a Firebase Database, then use Firebase Hosting to display those posts. To see a live result, simply open this URL:

It depends on the G+ REST API (so it will die earlier than G+ itself) and hosts on Google.



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