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SequoiaView Homepage

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/07/01

I thought I had scheduled a blog post about the great tool on [WayBackSequoiaView Homepage, but didn’t. In the mean time, Paolo Buffa posted an overview with a really nice historic perspective:

Is amazing from how many years I’m using this program, and how many operating systems it managed to go thru almost unscathed, without modification.

Paolo Buffa

Source: [] SequoiaView: a piece of history. – Data Center IT – Spiceworks

I still use it, despite it being quite old: 2002 era, written in Delphi 5. It’s beautiful in part because of its anciency, but also because it is so simple and intuitive that I still use it regularly.

The age also shows in the web page (which when writing it was still on-line): The SequiaView home page link above is actually a classic frame inside [WayBackThe SequoiaView Homepage. Back then, it was already starting to be considered obsolete to write HTML using frameset [WayBackFraming (World Wide Web) – Wikipedia.

The SequoiaView [WayBack] Download Page even points to non-existing ftp-download URLs via counter CGI scripts:

None of them have been archived by the WayBack machine:

To verify alternative downloads, just check these hashes:

hash command filename hash output
$ md5 MD5 ( = 28d356f2bafe258805794257c284a075
$ md5 Sequoia1_3XPInstall.exe MD5 (Sequoia1_3XPInstall.exe) = 142586a5cc7a0139bde8c13e5cc4d301
$ shasum 762ab30177a7f6a0d4f173fd2442ba7b61df4c2e
$ shasum Sequoia1_3XPInstall.exe c1db10a0f7d36adbc14b5a7a3f08fc35db1bee8b Sequoia1_3XPInstall.exe

I’ve a copy in my archive that I just use in a portable way: just copy over SequoiaView directory with these files in it:

  • Archives.col
  • Images.col
  • License.txt
  • Movies.col
  • ReleaseNotes.txt
  • Sequoia.cnt
  • Sequoia.exe
  • Sound.col

You can download this from (

A few things that could be fixed (if ever hopefully MagnaView open sources it: [WayBack] @jpluimers More @magnaview did you ever consider to open source the Delphi code for or give someone NDA access to fix some bugs?):

  • Access violation when re-scanning a drive
  • Option to show multiple links to the same physical file
  • Indication of more rights  needed to index a file or directory
  • Better explorer integration (via context menu)



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