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This is why I try to avoid C, as it means handling code from others that shoot in foots

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/08/07

Via [WayBack] Hello, I’m translating some C code to Delphi and found something that surprise me…is it logical that this code compiles ? – Paul TOTH – Google+

Maintaining C means you need to be aware that other people like shooting at foots (yes, that is a grammar error by intent):


void test();

void test2() {

void test(char *msg) {
  printf("test called '%s' (%d)\n", msg, strlen(msg));

void main() {

Of course!? with gcc under Ubuntu the result is

test called 'test' (4)

Code is derived from [Archive.isgit hub user fogleman project Craft search db_worker_start

The thread has some nice comments.


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