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Git man-page generator (“Git is easy to learn”)

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/10/08

Somebody didn’t believe the claim “Git is easy to learn” and wrote a [WayBackgit man page generator  (of course with a repository: github: Lokaltog/git-man-page-generator), for example generating



git-complete-tipcomplete all non-committed downstream tips opposite of a few rebased remote indices


git-complete-tip [ –maintain-log | –lecture-violate-history ]


git-complete-tip completes a few staged tips inside any forward-ported non-staged unstaged indices, and a few checked out subtrees fscked by histories in the tree, but that are not in HOLD_SUBTREE, are checked out in a temporary pack.


For the same reason there is [WayBack] XKXD: Git (image on the right), which is [WayBack] explained for a reason. Just see this little summary:

The difficulty of using Git in common situations is belied by the apparent simplicity of its use in tutorial-style situations. Committing and sharing changes is fairly straightforward, for instance, but recovering from situations such as accidental commits, pushes or bad merges is difficult without a solid understanding of the rather large and complex conceptual model. For instance, three of the top five highest voted questions on Stack Overflow are questions about how to carry out relatively simple tasks: undoing the last commit, changing the last commit message, and deleting a remote branch.

Actually the “easy to learn” means “there is easy to find documentation for it“.


via: UMass Amherst CICS Distinguished Lecture: Daniel Jackson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) “Towards a Theory of Software Design”


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