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How to read network requests in Chrome for new tab or popup window

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/05/20

Cool feature I discovered from [WayBackHow to read network requests in Chrome for new tab or popup window:


It will immediately show all events from all tabs including networking events.

The red bar at the top has a drop down on the right where you can stop them and perform a few other actions.

During or after capture, you can select relevant requests from the list (through checkboxes) so the right of the pane gets their info (which is a lot: not just the request/response content including all headers and cookies, but also any delegates from extensions and their results).

I got there via a search for chrome view all network requests.

The reason I needed to find out a solution for my WayBackSave.js bookmarklet returning error 400 while the Network tab in the Developer Tools would not show the request at all.

The cause of the problem was that had created 150+ cookies making the web request too large. Deleting the cookies solved the problem.

An excellent set of steps to dig deeper into these problems is [WayBack] 400 Bad Request Error: What It Is and How to Fix It: An in-depth explanation of what a 400 Bad Request Error response code is, including tips to help you resolve this error in your own application.

And it made me find [WayBack] 12 Most Useful Google Chrome Browser chrome:// Commands too which explains all these in more detail:

  1. chrome://flags
  2. chrome://dns
  3. chrome://downloads
  4. chrome://extensions
  5. chrome://bookmarks
  6. chrome://history
  7. chrome://memory
  8. chrome://net-internals
  9. chrome://quota-internals
  10. chrome://sessions
  11. chrome://settings
  12. chrome://sync-internals
  13. to view all the available chrome:// commands, type chrome://about in your chrome browser URL as shown below.



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