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Archive for July 17th, 2020

linux – ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host (not using hosts.deny) – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/07/17

I had this one day connecting to a guest:

debug3: send packet: type 20
debug1: SSH2_MSG_KEXINIT sent
Connection closed by port 22

The cause was indeed a heavily overloaded box that would not respond in time to any actual data sent over network requests, but would accept the initial TCP connection.

Logging on the console also failed, but the memory and CPU usage on the wrapping host was out of the roof.

The only solution was to soft power-cycle the guest.

Very similar to:

You can also have a host who’s memory is so badly fragmented that it can’t allocate a page a contiguous memory to fork the process for hosting an SSH session.

In such a case, you can get either of the messages:

ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer


Connection closed by aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd

depending on how far the host gets before it bails out.

If memory fragmenting is the apparent cause, the solution is to access the server via other means and to restart some of the pertinent services. I have found Apache and MySQL to be the culprit on VM’s since VM’s don’t have a swap partition. Failing that, reboot the host.

Via: [WayBacklinux – ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host (not using hosts.deny) – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange


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Windows 7 Hosts File Ignored: recreate it and you’re back in business

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/07/17

Wow: I never noticed this before, but thinking back it has happened to me at least a few times years ago: [WayBack] Windows 7 Hosts File Ignored.

The trick is to create a new hosts file as Administrator.

I thought it had to do with proper line endings: Notebad messes those up every now and then. But I was wrong: even with Notepad++ this happens, see [WayBack] I just had to trouble shoot a Windows XP (!) issue where the entries in the hosts file were being ignored. The change that actually worked was: 1. Crea… – Thomas Mueller (dummzeuch) – Google+


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openSUSE forums tips

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/07/17

A few tips from posting to the openSUSE forums, learned from banging my head to the wall too often.

  • They are at
  • The forum software can be very slow at times taking ~tens of seconds for loading a post:
    • loading multiple posts or pages of posts you are interested in multiple tabs speeds up your reading a lot
  • Answers on the post often are along the form “has been answered before” without pointing to the actual link, even if the post is marked with a read icon, for instance in [WayBack] No option to “keep me logged in on this device” with Novell/openSUSE login?
  • Your email is not your username, so do not use it during logon: [WayBack] Lousy log in
  • The search function in the forum is horrible.
  • The forum software is proprietary (vBulletin – Wikipedia) and has a
  • When writing/replying to posts:
    1. Edit your answer off-line, because
      • you will automatically be logged off even if the forum indicates you are still logged on (there is no count down of the activity timer), see
      • when you re-logon, your carefully edited text has been lost from the cache
    2. Never use formatting, either auto-introduced, or introduced while pasting, avoid BB-code
      1. Reasoning
      2. Though the forum supports BB code, NNTP news readers do not, and the added formatting gives quite a mess
      3. Use the text (“Source mode”) version of the editor, by first clicking the left most button: “Source”

        • After this, the third and fourth button get greyed out:
      4. Remove formatting button is the second from the left (in both text and WYSIWIG mode): “Remove format”
      5. If you are in WYSIWIG mode, then always paste using the third button from the left that strips formatting: “Paste as plain text”
      6. NEVER EVER paste with formatting with the fourth button from the left: “Paste from Word”


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