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windows – Batch-file: undocumented wild card characters to check for file pattern existence – Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/08/19

I wish I had known these undocumented wildcards exists like two decades ago: [WayBackwindows – Batch-file: Check if file with pattern exist – Stack Overflow, thanks Squashman:

There are undocumented wildcards that you can use to achieve this as well.

IF EXIST "D:\*Backup*.<" (
   ECHO "file exist"
) ELSE (
   ECHO "file not exist"

This wildcard option and other were discussed in length at the following two links.

From those links:

The following wildcard characters can be used in the pattern string.

Wildcard character  Meaning

* (asterisk)
Matches zero or more characters

? (question mark)
Matches a single character

Matches either a period or zero characters beyond the name string

Matches any single character or, upon encountering a period or end of name string, advances the expression to the end of the set of contiguous >

Matches zero or more characters until encountering and matching the final . in the name


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