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Archive for August 24th, 2020

Assorted unpitched concert percussion videos

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/08/24

Lots of videos below the fold. Most from VicFirth, but not all.


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Small query for some SQL Server client and server information

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/08/24

Sometimes in a less paved SQL Server environment you need a quick way to gather information on both the client and server. I assembled this query from various sources to help with that. It runs with few privileges (hence the use of the various *property functions):

  CONNECTIONPROPERTY('net_transport') AS net_transport,
  CONNECTIONPROPERTY('protocol_type') AS protocol_type,
  CONNECTIONPROPERTY('auth_scheme') AS auth_scheme,
  CONNECTIONPROPERTY('local_net_address') AS local_net_address,
  CONNECTIONPROPERTY('local_tcp_port') AS local_tcp_port,
  CONNECTIONPROPERTY('client_net_address') AS client_net_address,
  HOST_NAME() AS client_hostname,
  SUSER_NAME() LoggedInUser,
  @@servername AS 'ServerName\InstanceName',
  SERVERPROPERTY('ServerName') AS 'ServerName',
  SERVERPROPERTY('MachineName') AS 'Windows_MachineName',
  SERVERPROPERTY('ComputerNamePhysicalNetBIOS') AS 'NetBIOS_Name',
  SERVERPROPERTY('instanceName') AS 'InstanceName',
  SERVERPROPERTY('IsClustered') AS 'IsClustered',
  SERVERPROPERTY('Edition') AS 'Edition',
  @@Version as 'Full_Server_Version'

Based on parts from:

Features used:


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Some awesome Sugru moldable glue links

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/08/24

Suguru is a moldable glue that cures (settles/hardens) because of moisture and temperature (see the [WayBack] tech PDF.

Keeping it longer than the standard 13 month shelf life (at room temperature in original packaging) works best in a moist free, cold environment.

It is excellent for doing some cable repair (especially for those pesky expensive USB-C, lightning, magsafe 2 or magsafe connectors of which the middle 2 are most prone to damage).

It glues best to hard surfaces, though the materials it glues to varies (see also the tech PDF).

Some more links:

Via: [WayBack] Welk vakantiegadget raad jij je medetweaker aan? – IT Pro – .Plans – Tweakers


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Some more interesting OpenWrt capable routers/ATAs

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/08/24

Interesting devices running OpenWrt:


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