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Naming: avoid abbreviations and acronyms in identifiers

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/10/07

I see lots of code using abbreviations. Please avoid those, just like many development stacks urge you to do so.

Two important reasons:

  1. avoid confusion
  2. make it easier to read code (you read code far more often than you write code)

This is not limited to the software development field; for similar reasons, the medical field also limits the use of abbreviations and acronyms:

Naming is already hard as it is, so do not make it any harder.

Have you ever named a pet or child? Naming in software development is even harder.

Maybe the tough job if naming is why so many people use a name like Util or Utils (which is already an abbreviation of Utility / Utilities) or Tool / Tools, but should be named like JunkDrawer.

Read more on that in [WayBackbetsythemuffin on Twitter: “Underrated programming techniques: name something (a step definitions file, a class, a directory, whatever….) “junk drawer.” Not “util” or something else that kind-of means “junk drawer” but pretends to dignity. Be bold. Admit what you’re doing. Do it with joy.”



Many of these via:


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