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Delphi Compiler Intrinsics can help you collapse generated code for generics a lot

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/12/01

On my reading list [WayBack] Delphi Corner Weblog: The current state of generics in Delphi because it explains in more detail why Delphi compiler generic type based intrinsics introduced some 5 years ago, but never been (accurately) documented, but listed at [WayBack] delphi – Undocumented intrinsic routines – Stack Overflow, are so important to help collapse decreasing code bloat:

  • Default
  • IsManagedType
  • HasWeakRef
  • GetTypeKind

There is also the TypeInfo which is somewhat documented on-line starting in the Delphi 2007 documentation:


And some non-generic intrinsics that are still undocumented:

  • IsConstValue
  • ReturnAddress

Spring4D already has been making use of this for a few years, and you can too!

Via [WayBack] – Jacek Laskowski – Google+ that has some more information on Spring4D too.

A tiny bit more information on collapsing: [WayBack] TURBU Tech » Blog Archive » Wish list: Generics collapsing


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