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Archive for December 11th, 2020

Win32 build of less 530

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/12/11

Since I do not have a C or C++ build environment, I was looking for the less 530 release for Windows.

I found it via these links:

Searching for less 530, I bumped in these links as well:

  • [WayBack] `less` performs differently when invoked from Bash and from Git – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange 
    • When invoked via git, it does not restore screen content
  • Cause: [WayBack] Git – git-config Documentation: core.pager


    Text viewer for use by Git commands (e.g., less). The value is meant to be interpreted by the shell. The order of preference is the $GIT_PAGER environment variable, then core.pager configuration, then $PAGER, and then the default chosen at compile time (usually less).

    When the LESS environment variable is unset, Git sets it to FRX (if LESS environment variable is set, Git does not change it at all). If you want to selectively override Git’s default setting for LESS, you can set core.pager to e.g. less -S. This will be passed to the shell by Git, which will translate the final command to LESS=FRX less -S. The environment does not set the S option but the command line does, instructing less to truncate long lines. Similarly, setting core.pager to less -+F will deactivate the F option specified by the environment from the command-line, deactivating the “quit if one screen” behavior of less. One can specifically activate some flags for particular commands: for example, setting pager.blame to less -S enables line truncation only for git blame.

    Likewise, when the LV environment variable is unset, Git sets it to -c. You can override this setting by exporting LV with another value or setting core.pager to lv +c.



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Vaccineer de kinderen die je wilt behouden, om de verspreiding van besmettelijke ziektes te voorkomen

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/12/11

[WayBackEenVandaag op Twitter: “Vaccineren was het afgelopen jaar onderwerp van discussie, ook op social media. Deze video over polio-patiënt Roelofje werd in 2018 het meest bekeken op onze Facebook-pagina.”

Vaccinatiegraad is helaas nog onder de 95% in veel gebieden van Nederland.

Een aantal gebieden is het nog veel lager, waardoor ze geen kudde-immuniteit meer hebben waardoor het verspreidingsrisico enorm versterkt.






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Why We Should Change The Rhythm Of Business | Corporate Rebels

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/12/11

This should be on the reading list of every corporate manager: [WayBack] Why We Should Change The Rhythm Of Business | Corporate Rebels:

The problem arises when people bring their accounting background and mindset with them into business management. Decimals no longer works very well when the focus is on a future with lots of dynamics and uncertainty.

The solution is simple: (1) Targets must have natural deadlines; (2) Forecasting must be dynamic or rolling; (3) Resource allocation must be dynamic; and (4) Performance evaluation must take place when work is completed.

Or as Marjan Venema quoted:

“Yes, something is definitely wrong, but maybe more in the finance manager’s head than with the fisherman’s work rhythm!”


via: [WayBack] “Yes, something is definitely wrong, but maybe more in the finance manager’s head than with the fisherman’s work rhythm!” – Marjan Venema – Google+

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