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Archive for December 28th, 2020

BMW E46 Engine heating for the 320i M54B22 engine

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/12/28

Heating the M54B22 engine of the BMW E46 320i can be done with this set of parts of [Archive.isEngine heaters • DEFA:

BMW 320 i (2001-)

Engine heater
Engine heater
Mounting time
Power Cable Kit
Connecting kit

Parts of the set:

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Uptimerobot: TCP uptime only verifies the three-way TCP handshake

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/12/28

I like uptimerobot a lot (wrote about it earlier, and will write about it soon again), but there are two important things to keep in mind on how it does connection uptime verification:

  1. HTTP checks: [WayBack] Introducing “HTTP Method Selection” (HEAD/GET/POST/PUT/PATCH/DELETE) | Uptime Robot – Blog
    • HTTP requests by default are HEAD for plain HTTP monitors or GET for HTTP keyword monitors, but in the advanced settings, you have options to choose other methods as well: HEAD/GET/POST/PUT/PATCH/DELETE are supported, which means the only unsupported methods (see Hypertext Transfer Protocol: Request Methods – Wikipedia) are TRACE/OPTIONS/CONNECT.
  2. TCP checks: [WayBack] New Feature – Monitoring Ports | Uptime Robot – Blog

If you want to see a few specific TCP protocol tests in action, then check these:

I did not find a good site to test IMAP servers in a simple way like the above sites. If anyone has one: please share it in a comment below.

I did find a post with public FTP servers (they are becoming rare): [WayBack] Is there a Public FTP server to test upload and download? – Stack Overflow


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Getting confused with the many YouTube subdomains and first level paths

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/12/28

Just a short list, as there are many more (see zzz and zzz), and the vast amount in the longer lists confuses me:

So the ones I use are below; are there any interesting ones missing?

These I hardly use in the below list, anyone using them often?

Most ad blockers block, so I never see it.


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