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Archive for December 8th, 2020

Tables with two headers • Tables • WAI Web Accessibility Tutorials

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/12/08

Since I always forget that you can have any cell marked as th to make it a header: [WayBack] Tables with two headers • Tables • WAI Web Accessibility Tutorials.

This is not just limited to top rows, you can use it any where:

  • in the left column
  • in any other row
  • in any other column
  • in individual cells

In addition, a table can also have a caption, which is not just useful for screen-readers: it benefits general readability.

Quoting the page:

For such tables, use the <th> element to identify the header cells and the scope attribute to declare the direction of each header. The scopeattribute can be set to row or col to denote that a header applies to the entire row or column, respectively.

Additionally, you can use the <caption> element to identify the table in a document. This is particularly useful for screen-reader users browsing the web page in “table mode” where they can navigate from table to table.

Examples on that page:


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WSA: Web-Service Addressing

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/12/08

I don’t do SOAP that often any more, so here some links on it and some notes on how one site used some of the fields:

A few observations from real life:

  • Inside the WS-Addressing realm:
    • Action has a URI indicating what to execute inside the service
    • From is basically abused because it
      1. is not used as a source endpoint but
      2. has an Address element that contains both Action and authentication
    • MessageID uses a uuid: based URI
  • Outside the WS-Addressing realm, in the main SOAP body:
    • Since is implemented using a non ISO-8601 compliant timestamp: it barfs on the second fraction and on the time zone (neither Z nor an offset based time-zone are accepted).

I did not know you could have uuid based URIs, as they are not mentioned here:

But apparently they have been in use for quite a while:


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delphi “tproc” with “array of const” – Google Search

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/12/08

Reminder to self: remember which of the open source libraries have:

  • a generic TProc<T> alike with an const values: array of const T parameter
  • a generic TProc<T> alike with a const value: T parameter

Google returned none that stuck:

The Delphi RTL does not contain them, and because they forgot setting them up with const parameters, these can never be changed:

[WayBack] System.SysUtils.TProc – RAD Studio API Documentation

TProc = reference to procedure;
TProc<T> = reference to procedure (Arg1: T);
TProc<T1,T2> = reference to procedure (Arg1: T1; Arg2: T2);
TProc<T1,T2,T3> = reference to procedure (Arg1: T1; Arg2: T2; Arg3: T3);
TProc<T1,T2,T3,T4> = reference to procedure (Arg1: T1; Arg2: T2; Arg3: T3; Arg4: T4);

More people are annoyed by this, for instance [WayBack] SysUtils.pas Why parameters of these anonymous not const? TProc = reference to procedure (Arg1: T1; Arg2: T2); TProc = reference … – Jacek Laskowski – Google+


Why parameters of these anonymous not const?

TProc<T1,T2> = reference to procedure (Arg1: T1; Arg2: T2);
TProc<T1,T2,T3> = reference to procedure (Arg1: T1; Arg2: T2; Arg3: T3);
TFunc<T,TResult> = reference to function (Arg1: T): TResult;
TFunc<T1,T2,TResult> = reference to function (Arg1: T1; Arg2: T2): TResult;

  • David Heffernan's profile photo
    Because the designer made a bloody terrible mistake 
  • Asbjørn Heid's profile photo
    To be fair, const-ness is a bloody mess in Delphi…
  • Hallvard Vassbotn's profile photo
    It could have been solved if the const’ness had been seen as a implementation detail by the compiler (which it really is) and made const and non-const signatures assignment compatible.
  • David Heffernan's profile photo
    +Hallvard Vassbotn indeed, and it pains me that this has never happened
  • Hallvard Vassbotn's profile photo
    +Marco Cantu Any chance of a compiler improvement in the future with regards to relaxing const matching in signature assignments…? :)
  • Vincent Parrett's profile photo
    I’ve taken to defining
    TConstProc<T1,T2> = reference to procedure (const Arg1: T1; const Arg2: T2);for cases where I have full control.

  • David Heffernan's profile photo
    +Vincent Parrett I’m sure we all have our own versions of this. But it’s not much use for composition of course.
  • Vincent Parrett's profile photo
    +David Heffernan Yup. Since it’s unlikely the compiler will every be updated to make const an automatic thing, perhaps they could add const versions to the RTL.
  • Allen Drennan's profile photo
    Yeah, we end up making our own versions of these to add the consts in all our projects.
  • David Millington's profile photo
    Do file a QP, please. Major releases like the upcoming 10.3 are the time to make interface-breaking changes.


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