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Mixed JScript/batch file hybrid to create Windows shortcuts

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/03/25

I bumped into this amazing JScript/batch file hybrid. It starts as a batch file, then continues as a JScript script, and creates/updates .lnk files: [WayBack] batch.scripts/shortcutJS.bat at master · npocmaka/batch.scripts · GitHub.

Wow. Just wow.

Not that I would want to be the one maintaining it (:

Via [WayBack] batch file – How do I create a shortcut via command-line in Windows? – Stack Overflow of which I like these answers most:

  • Check the shortcutJS.bat – it is a jscript/bat hybrid and should be used with .bat extension:

    call shortcutJS.bat -linkfile "%~n0.lnk" -target  "%~f0" -linkarguments "some arguments"

    With -help you can check the other options (you can set icon , admin permissions and etc.)

  • Nirsoft’s NirCMD can create shortcuts from a command line, too. (Along with a pile of other functions.) Free and available here:

    Full instructions here: (Scroll down to the “shortcut” section.)

    Yes, using nircmd does mean you are using another 3rd-party .exe, but it can do some functions not in (most of) the above solutions (e.g., pick a icon # in a dll with multiple icons, assign a hot-key, and set the shortcut target to be minimized or maximized).

    Though it appears that the shortcutjs.bat solution above can do most of that, too, but you’ll need to dig more to find how to properly assign those settings. Nircmd is probably simpler.


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