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UUOC apparently is/was a thing: useless use of cat

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/08/16

A while ago I bumped into UUOC: [WayBack] cat (Unix): Useless use of cat – Wikipedia.

For me the post important reason to choose between cat and a redirect is realising from the above article:

  • input redirection forms allow command to perform random access on the file, whereas the cat examples do not.
  • cat written with UUOC might still be preferred for readability reasons, as reading a piped stream left-to-right might be easier to conceptualize

I ended up at UUOC through [WayBack] bash – Calling multiple commands through xargs – Stack Overflow.

Invoking multiple commands with the same xargs parameter.

The above question also led me to two better solutions for my original xargs problem.

I liked both below solutions.

The first (by [WayBack] ckhan) uses sh as subshell and substitutes the parameter with a readable name.

The second (by [WayBack] shivams) uses a function which gets way more readable code when the command-line gets longer.

[WayBack] shell – xargs : using same argument in multiple commands – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange:

  1. you’ll want to explicitly execute a subshell:
    echo 95 | xargs -n1 -I_percent -- sh -c '[ _percent -ge 95 ] && echo "No Space on disk _percent% full -- remove old backups please"'

    Note also I’m using _percent instead of {} to avoid extra quoting headaches with the shell. It’s not a shell variable; still just an xargs replacement string.

  2. An alternative way, which is more readable, is to define a separate function which contains all your other commands and then call that function with xargs in a sub-shell.Hence, for example:
      [ "$1" -ge 95 ] && echo "No Space on disk $1% full -- remove old backups please"
      echo "Another command echoing $1"
    export -f myfunc
    echo 95 | xargs -n1 -I_percent -- sh -c 'myfunc "_percent"'


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