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Some insights on how readlink approached canonicalisation of a filename having symlinks

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/03/03

Cool, I didn’t realise how readlink operated, but found out a bit more in the answers to [Wayback] symlink – How to get full path of original file of a soft symbolic link? – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange, thanks to [Wayback] daisy, [Wayback] Peter.O and [Wayback] Gilles ‘SO- stop being evil’:

  • Try this line:
    readlink -f `which command`

    If command is in your $PATH variable , otherwise you need to specify the path you know.

    -f will return a path to a non-existent final target, so long as the intermediate link targets exist… Use -e to avoid this, ie. -e will return null if the final target does not exist. – Peter.O

  • Under Linux, readlink reads the contents of a symlink, and readlink -f follows symlinks to symlinks to symlinks, etc., until it finds something that isn’t a symlink.


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