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Missing a KB article? Try the Microsoft KB Archive – BetaArchive Wiki

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/07/21

Over the last years, Microsoft has been retiring a lot of KB articles that in some situations can be of great value, not just when using legacy systems: sometimes they are the only source of accurate information on current systems as well.

I was glad to find that many of the retired articles made it to the [Wayback/] Microsoft KB Archive – BetaArchive Wiki.

From that page:

Microsoft KB Archive

This is a new part of the wiki – an archive of all Microsoft KB articles (currently with >210000 articles). And perhaps the only archive where you can help make it better and more complete!

See A guide to mass-adding files for a guide on how this was done. This could also be adapted for other situations as well.

Click here to view the forum announcement for this archive. We particularly thank 3155GGfd for allowing us to import his massive collection into the archive.

Important: The copyright requirements for this section are different from the rest of the wiki. Please read the wiki guidelines; this part of the wiki is NOT released under a free licence and reproduction is NOT allowed without prior permission from a moderator or administrator. The main reason is that these articles are technically owned by Microsoft, unlike the rest of the wiki (where the articles are by the individual contributors).

And from [Wayback/] Introducing the Microsoft KB Archive – BetaArchive:

Sat Jul 18, 2020 8:25 pm

BetaArchive now has a new section – the Microsoft KB Archive. The aim of this section is to provide a database of old KB articles that Microsoft has since taken down. It’s available now at the wiki: Microsoft KB Archive.

There are currently more than 215000 KB articles in the wiki, covering all kinds of help articles from DOS to Excel 2000 to more, with some being over 32 years old! Nearly all inter-article links and many images have been preserved, so you can seamlessly jump to a KB article that is linked from another one, and images appear as expected. You can always use the wiki search interface to look for a specific KB article or content.

Edit 20221213

There are still KB links being made, but they do not have KB in the URL any more but only the number after KB and function as an indirection point.

For instance these two will redirect:


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