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I wrote about imposter syndrome before; this diagram describes how I sometimes feel

Posted by jpluimers on 2023/02/07

Every now and then, I still find it hard to realise how what I know relates to the knowledge of others.

It has to do with imposter syndrome, which many people in IT suffer from, as the field can be so overwhelming and make us so little.

So I was glad that Jens Fudge taught a conference session on imposter syndrome fall 2021, which I mentioned a few months ago in Chris Bensen on Twitter: “I just had a notion about they cycle I go through with every project I have ever worked on so I drew this up before I forgot it. I hope everyone can read it.… “.

Earlier, my post If you think everyone has such an organised life, and you feel so lost exactly reflects how I feel sometimes when imposter syndrome kicks in.

When it does, the belowgraph posted in [Archive] Susan L. Benear on Twitter: “This is what it took me until my last year of grad school to realize. I’m still regularly overwhelmed by how much I don’t know, but I no longer suffer from the delusion that everyone else in my position knows 5x more than me. ” / Twitter very much helps me.

It also helps to realise this: [Archive] Frau Sommersprosse on Twitter: “Wir leben in einer schnellen Gesellschaft. Auch privat muss es oft “höher, schneller, weiter” und immer mehr sein. Halte inne und denk an all das Gute, das du hast. Nur weil Menschen vermeintlich mehr haben, sind sie nicht glücklicher. Dankbarkeit und Demut bringen innere Ruhe.” / Twitter which translates as

We live in a fast paced society. In private, too, it often has to be “higher, faster, further” and more and more.

Stop and think of all the good that you have.

Just because people supposedly have more doesn’t make them happier.

Gratitude and humility bring peace of mind.

To which I responded both that it is related to imposter syndrome and that [Archive] Jeroen Wiert Pluimers on Twitter: “@4Sprosse You are valid:” / Twitter.

You are valid, no matter how awful you feel (thanks [Archive] Willem Wouda on Twitter: “Goedemorgen, het is donderdag. Voor iedereen die wil en voor hen die denken er geen nodig te hebben een #ddk #DikkeDonderdagKnuffel ” / Twitter!), which I traced back to:


Mental Health Love GIF by INTO ACTION | INTO ACT!ON Content Library


Mental Health Love GIF by INTO ACTION | INTO ACT!ON Content Library

Back to the diagrams, the first in the start post of the thread:

A bit further in the thread, an even more accurate graph shows what I know in relation to others that have more or less experience in certain fields:

Phrasing it loud helps me even further:

  • Yes, I’m not an imposter.
  • No, I don’t know everything.
  • No, I’m not alone feeling this way.
  • Yes, all of this is fine.

Via: [Archive] Dr Marco Langbroek 💉x2 #Vaccinate on Twitter: “While I still suffer from the mentioned ‘delusion’, this diagram is helpful in battling it.” / Twitter


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