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Archive for the ‘.NET Core’ Category

Side by Side user scoped .NET Core installations on Linux with – Scott Hanselman

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/04/28

For my link archive: [WayBack] Side by Side user scoped .NET Core installations on Linux with – Scott Hanselman

Via [WayBack] DotNetKicks on Twitteru: „Side by Side user scoped .NET Core installations on Linux with  by @shanselman  #aspnet via @DotNetKicks“


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Debugging a stackexchange memory leak while transitioning to .NET Core: by @Nick_Craver

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/01/14

Cool thread with steps (windbg) tooling and graphs: this is how you approach problem solving.

Easiest to read: [WayBack] Thread by @Nick_Craver: “Well hello there memory leak…let’s see what you are. It’s times when I type !dumpheap without an argument that cals. Alrighty, let’s see what these little guys are: Quite a bit of repetition in here – let’s root some of the […]”

Twitter thread below the fold.

[WayBackNick Craver on Twitter: “So let’s form our dictionary in batches EF Core will load, like this. We can lower our SQL roundtrips to n / 1000 + relevant changes. It’s more SQL trips than our original 1, but we aren’t needlessly loading a million users into memory. We load about 0.3% of that instead.…”


Related: Some notes/links on Windows Debugging CLR applications

A good WinDbg introduction is [WayBack] Getting Started with WinDbg (User-Mode) | Microsoft Docs.

Note that temp tables in SQL Server might look nice, but actually do not scale well: [WayBack] Lucas Trzesniewski on Twitter: “I’ve found out the following massively improves performance over queries with an IN clause with lots of parameters: – Open a transaction – Create a temp table – Bulk insert your IDs into the temp table – Inner join your query on the temp table And you only make a single query.…”


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.NET: IHostedService – hosting services inside any .NET process

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/10/31

Have any service related stuff implement IHostedService, so it is easy to deploy it in all kinds of processes:

  • console to test
  • windows service
  • ASP.NET Core service
  • Linux host application

Peter Groenewegen ([WayBackpgroene (Peter Groenewegen) · GitHub; [WayBack] { Think Rethink }) has some great examples and blog articles at [WayBack] IHostedService – { Think Rethink }:

Background information:

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