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Archive for the ‘UI Design’ Category

Displaying formulas using HTML (via: More TVM–calculating the IRR : Algorithms for the masses – julian m bucknall)

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/10/04

I saw julian Bucknall post some beautiful formatted functions in a few of his Algorithms for the masses blog and wondered how he did it.

\[a = P . r^N . \frac { (1 – r) } { (1 – r^N) }\]

Why is his forumla code looking so simple, and why doesn’t it display on my blog?

So I asked him (:

Hi response was “use MathJax“:

I’m loading the MathJax JavaScript library in my pages:

Here’s the post where I talk about it and how I tweak the expressions:

If you want to experiment writing such expressions, I have the page I’m describing in the above post online:

There are various ways to include the MathJax JavaScript, and if you do, you can use both LaTeX and MathML style formulas. Read all about it on the MathJax Getting Started page.



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Jazzy icons for Metropolis UI Applications that you can create with Delphi XE3

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/08/24

Now for some lighter Delphi XE3 related stuff:

These icons seem to go very well with the Metropolis UI Applications that you can create (and convert from VCL!) with Delphi XE3 (see the XE3 video at 0:30).



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Web 2.0 apps throwing away your user input #fail

Posted by jpluimers on 2010/06/30

It seems quite a few “web 2.0” apps too have the same glitch: they throw away user input when the first page finishes loading.
This is especially noticeable on slow connections (UMTS, DSL that is a long distance from the phone company, EDGE, GPRS, etc): the connection speeds that a lot of developers don’t seem to test on.

So, the sequence of events  goes like this:

  1. The data entry fields (in this case, from and to location) become visible
  2. You put the focus on the from field
  3. You type the from address (I do blind typing)
  4. You press the tab key to go to the to field (more and more Web 2.0 apps get their tab order right nowadays)
  5. You type the to address
  6. You wait until the “GO” button becomes visible
  7. The Web 2.0 app keeps loading
  8. It erases the “from” and “to” fields that you just typed

Or more general:
when you start typing in a Web 2.0 app which is still loading, almost all the times you loose your input.

And since there is usually no visual clue when the Web 2.0 app has finished loading, you have to wait until you feel comfortable not loosing your input.


Examples that get this wrong:

Please add your own in the comments…


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VMware Virtual Infrastructure Client UI: why is the “edit…” on the top right, away from all other actions?

Posted by jpluimers on 2010/06/09

For almost all actions inside the VMware Infrastructure Client UI, you don’t need the “edit…” action.

The only place you need this is in the “Configuration” and “Users & Groups” tabs.

So when you want to enter your ESXi license, you might wonder how to do that.

Well: hit the “Edit…” action on the far right.
Indeed: far right, especially when running 1920×1200 or other high resolutions :-)

I wonder who did the UI design for the VMware Infrastructure Client, and what the reasoning for the placement of the “Edit…” action is.


via: VMware Communities: Where do I enter my ESXi license key? ….

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Duplicate Shortcuts IE8 configuration dialog – Alt-N binds to “No” and “Next”. Are UI designers ever going to learn to be nice to keyboard users?

Posted by jpluimers on 2010/05/17

Duplicate Alt-N shortcut: No / NextFor every (re)install, IE8 is usually part of the installation.
So, for the upteenth time, I came across the dialog on the right.
This time Alt-N is bound to both the “No” choice as well as the “Next” button.

–jeroen; wishing UI designers would learn to pay more attention to keyboard users…

Via: 20100516-UI-Duplicate-Shortcuts-IE8 on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

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