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Archive for the ‘Testing’ Category

RaiMan’s SikuliX: Automate what you see on a computer monitor

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/09/05

On my research list:

Automate what you see on a computer monitor

Source: [WayBack] RaiMan’s SikuliX


It is an evolution of [WayBackSikuli Script – Home that has an other for too that can be automated with PowerPoint slides:

I should play with it: [WayBackSikuliX – QUICKSTART

Via: [WayBack] Any recommendations of automation tools for GUI testing.We tried AutoIT but it had some problems and way too technical… – Tommi Prami – Google+


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Open SourceTree tickets

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/03/07

Two reasons for this list:

  1. I messed up user accounts so the tickets are actually from two accounts (because I got confused between the bitbucket and atlassian domains).
  2. Jira searching is horrible, so hopefully Google does a better indexing of finding my own stuff back
  3. Around the 1.5/1.6 switch, 1.6 was so unstable and bugs were hardly acted upon that I didn’t keep track on progress
    • bugs are still hardly acted upon; it’s difficult getting them in another stage than the initial one
    • 1.6 is now more stable and faster, so it’s OK to upgrade

Bitbucket account:

Atlassian account.

Mac OS X:


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Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier | Dr Dobb’s

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/06/03

Like regular life, a programmer’s life is constant learning. And sometimes you’d wish you had known things earlier.

A few quotes from the article:

Test constantly while coding. Personally, I think the single most important contribution of the Agile movement to programming is communicating the value of developer testing (generally, unit testing). I am not an advocate of TDD and feel that many of the critiques directed at it are valid. But I am a passionate believer in unit testing. Of all the practices here, this is the one that would have served me best in my salad days. The ability to check in code knowing that it’s unlikely to contain silly errors and overlooked conditions allows me to have a much clearer idea of what progress I’ve made. I don’t have to worry nearly as much that there is still an extended debugging cycle of unknown length ahead of me. I now compile with the expectation the code will work the first time, rather than entertaining the fond hope that it might.

Fully automate the pipeline. This seems like unremarkable advice. But it got me to continuous delivery before that concept had a name. I automated build, test, deploy. I also automated updates to the website, to the Javadocs, to just about everything I could possibly update as part of the regular build. While this took a lot of time to write out (using Ant), the payoffs are continual. By having automated everything (well, except for some manual tests) I can build with high confidence in the generated software, even if a given feature is incomplete. I don’t worry at all about fragility. In the future, I expect to automate things even more: I want to write more scripts that simulate all the possible installation options and make sure they all work correctly or provide accurate error messages. Right now, I’m pretty sure they do, but I don’t know for certain because of the absence of this step from the automated pipeline.


via: Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier | Dr Dobb’s.

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TestObject: Android app testing made easy!

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/03/25

Interesting: Features | TestObject.

Android app testing made easy! Run a full app check-up in 5 minutes and find bugs before your users do.


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Extreme Programming, a Reflection (via: 8th Light)

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/12/29

Thanks Uncle Bob Martin for posting this.

I’ve been trying (with increasing success: it takes time to get this all right) to practice XP (through various name changes) as much and wide as possible since almost 14 years, and only the last few years it is starting to be common practice for many more people.

take a moment to reflect back on 1999. A time when Kent Beck wrote a ground-breaking book. A book that changed everything. Look back and remember: Extreme Programming; and recognize it as the core of what we, today, simply think of as:

Good Software Practice.


via: Extreme Programming, a Reflection | 8th Light.

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