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Frank Borland is back, but what does that mean?

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/09/23

Frank Borland is back. You can meet him at Micro Focus now – they acquired Borland a while ago – where he relates to things from the past:

Frank Borland first appeared in advertisements and on the cover of the SideKick manual in 1984. Later on, Frank appeared in the first version of the Turbo Tutor manual.

He is talking about powerful and affordable, has Facebook as well as presence on LinkedInTwitter and Google+.
But I when I look at the MicroFocus product portfolio, I don’t see any that are both affordable and powerful.

Todays software days are different than 30 years ago, but I do agree with a couple of the points he made:

  • Keep it open
  • Don’t make it big, make it better
  • Focus on the user experience
  • Listen to the community

I don’t think you necessarily need to meet these two though:

  • Meet every platform need
  • Make it affordable

As those two tend to contradict each other.

What do you think?


via: » Frank’s Story Meet Frank Borland.

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