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Archive for July, 2011

Marco Cantu’s Delphi XE Handbook Available in print and electronically

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/07/27

Having proofread, I’m really glad that Marco Cantu recently announced that Delphi XE Handbook to be Available in both print and electronic forms.

Note that since the announcement, you can also get the Handbooks Collection in PDF form for something like EUR 55.

His books are always a pleasure to read, so: Great work Marco!


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Posted by jpluimers on 2011/07/26

What started out as viewing Help – WebSphere MQ: System and default objects to see if SYSTEM.DEFAULT.MODEL.QUEUE is a good model queue to use (and generate dynamic temporary queues named AMQ.* or MQAI.*), ended up into a lot of reading on security and such:

  1. Allowing access to SYSTEM.DEFAULT.MODEL.QUEUE
  2. Using WebSphere MQ Explorer as a read-only viewer
  3. The Deep Queue – Episode #8: The good news and the bad news
  4. Help – WebSphere MQ – Access Control

In the mean time, I added some of the blogs to my Google Reader and learned that one of the blogs moved, and moved again.

  3. (slow!)

Oh, and the Diagnosing Probmems with Data Conversion post, WMQ, Channel Security and  WebSphere MQ Security heats up posts will sure come in handy soon.


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Handig voor kapotte huishoudelijke apparaten:; Onderdelen en accessoires online bestellen | ophalen in de winkel of thuisbezorgd

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/07/24

Dus als je wasmachine stuk is: Onderdelen en accessoires online bestellen | ophalen in de winkel of thuisbezorgd | Europart, goed gefikst.


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Extensions to force HTTPS in your browser

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/07/22

About 9 months ago I posted about HTTPS Everywhere | Electronic Frontier Foundation hoping someone would port the HTTPS Everywhere extension for Firefox to force HTTPS in other browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer et cetera.

In the mean time, I found out about HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security), which is supported by FireFox 4, and Chrome 12.

Also in the mean time I found about a few HTTPS enforcer extensions for other browsers.

For instance, there are two similar Google Chrome Extensions to HTTPS Everywhere:

Internet Explorer does not have such an extension.

Opera has the Security Enhancer extension.

Next to HTTPS Everywhere, there are the ForceHTTPS and NoScript extension for FireFox (NoScript also supports HSTS).
FireFox 4 supports HSTS out of the box.

So now you have a choice!


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WebSphere MQ and Delphi

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/07/21

On my research list: WebSphere MQ and Delphi.

The funny thing is that this Delphi MQ Series question on StackOverflow that I answered actually helped me to get going :)

A few interesting links:

The research actually is focussed to replace a APPC/CPI-C session based solution that runs on top of SNA using LU 6.2 endpoints and has round-trip response times between 50 and 150 milliseconds with a WebSphere MQ based solution having similar performance characteristics. It binds multiple client applications to multiple function entries on the AS/400 systems at the client.

The current APPC/CPI-C part is written either both a DLL and EXE in Delphi (depending on how it is used), hence the Delphi part of the research.

In many organizations, WebSphere MQ (aka MQSeries) is part of their Enterprise Service Bus. In that regard, the SNA solution was far a ahead of its time.

BTW: Back then (almost 15 years ago), the SNA solution started out as solution using AS/400 Data Queues. Even after months of trying, that didn’t work well because the mixed environment of NetSoft Router, AS/400, SNA Server and Windows NT 4 in a pretty big WAN had huge problems.
Somehow, one of the layers forced sessions to always use 2 connections at a time, which was causing huge problems when those were routed through different SNA servers. That routing was unpredictable (and it was not possible to disable/force it to use stick to one SNA server). In addition, it was memory and CPU hungry on the PC side (when you were glad to have a Pentium MMX based CPU with 32 MB RAM, it ate 20+% of the CPU power, and 25+% of the memory per session, peaking to 100% CPU and 50% of RAM per session).
Specialists from all involved parties weren’t able to pinpoint the actual cause, so we went a few steps down on the OSI layer to the APPC leve.


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