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Archive for September 5th, 2011

Rad Studio XE2 demos up at Repository – [radstudiodemos] Index of /branches/RadStudio_XE2

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/09/05

Note to Self:

A few days ago, the Rad Studio XE2 demos became available at Repository – [radstudiodemos] Index of /branches/RadStudio_XE2.

You can get them by SVN as well:


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#fail of #Sennheiser CX 250 and CX 150 in-ear #earphones when using while running: over time they sound less and less loud, switching to #DealExtreme

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/09/05

I found out the hard way that Sennheiser CX 250 and Sennheiser CX 150 in-ear earphones are not up to using while running with my 4th generation iPod Shuffle

After about 2-3 months, one or both the earbuds start to sound less and less loud.

My first one (a CX 250) started to develop this only on my right earbud. Being practically monoaural (due to chronically inflammation from age 0 to about 20, my left ear has a loss of about 55-60 dB), I could just use the other earbud. A while later, the other earbud started to degrade as well.

The nice thing about Sennheiser is that they deliver rubber eartips of difference sizes. Because my left ear has a larger ear canal (caused by treatment surgery of the inflammation), that is nice: it keeps the ‘unused’ earbud from dangling around while running.

So I bought a CX 150 just to make sure the problems with the CX 250 were an exception (the initial sound of them is much the same, : after a few months it started having the same trouble, but now on both ears.
They are cheaper too (starting from about EUR 20 in stead of about EUR 30).

No more Sennheiser for me: I spent like EUR 50 for 6 month of usage.

Right now I’m trying a bunch of earphones from Dealextreme. My first one is the SKU 33239. It costs like EUR 2 including shipping, has a great sound, but the cable is a tad long (over 1 meter) for running. My iPod Shuffle is clipped to the neckline of my running shirt, a short cable comes in very handy.

I’ll post more on this when I know how long these last.


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