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Archive for September 1st, 2011

Excel XML Spreadsheet: going the XSLT way

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/09/01

Because of Excel XML Spreadsheet: Date.Type is mandatory :), I researched a bit more about how people use the XML Spreadsheet format.

I found that Technobabble is using XSL to generate Excel XML Spreadsheets.

Be patient following the above link; it takes a while to completely load, and while loading the style sheet shows black text on a dark grey background :) When loaded completely, the background becomes white.

The article talks more about styles and formulas (XML Spreadsheets store formulas in relative R1C1 style notation which is far easier to parse than the absolute A1 style notation, which most people use).

It seems to imply that for a ss:Column, a ss:AutoFitWidth of 1 (True) combined with a specified ss:Width will autosize text values, but the ss:Column documentation is right: “We do not autofit textual values”.

The default Excel 2003 font has a Width of about 7 points per character, so you can use that as a base to calculate ss:Width values for a column.


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