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Archive for September 14th, 2011

Windows Metro Style Apps Developer Downloads: very early version of Windows 8

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/09/14

The download page states

The Windows Developer Preview is a pre-beta version of Windows 8 for developers.

But of course this is also interesting to designers and regular users: getting a hands-on impression of what Metro will bring to Windows 8.


via: Windows Metro Style Apps Developer Downloads.

Posted in .NET, Delphi, Development, Power User, Software Development, Windows, Windows 8 | 2 Comments »

Delphi XE2 x64 Extended floating point support: CodeCentral 28488 TExtendedX87: FPU-backed 80-bit Extended type for Win64

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/09/14

in the Delphi 64 world, there is no official support for the Extended data type for various reasons.

If you really need it, then you can use the TExtendedX87 unit by Philipp M. Schlüter as mentioned in this Embarcadero forum thread.


Via: 28488 TExtendedX87: FPU-backed 80-bit Extended type for Win64.

Posted in Algorithms, Delphi, Delphi x64, Development, Floating point handling, Software Development | 2 Comments »

Windows WebSphere MQ client DLLs

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/09/14

There are multiple DLLs you can use as MQ Client.

Most interfaces directly or indirectly use MQM.DLL, which is the interface to the local running WebSphere MQ Manager.

But sometimes your installation doesn’t contain a local WebSphere MQ Manager, and you need to connect remotely as a client.

You need one of these client DLLs, depending if you are using extended architecgture (XA) or not:

  • mqic.dll: Connect as a non-XA client
  • mqicxa.dll: Connect as a XA client

Note that depending on x86 machines, the DLLs can be called mqic32.dll and mqicxa32.dll as well.


via: WebSphere MQ – Defining which connection type to use.

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