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Archive for September 10th, 2011

Bruno Fierens of TMSSoftware just showed their new chart that uses HTML5 with asynchronous event support cool!

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/09/10

An HTML5 grid with no flickering, very little delay and smooth appearance on both regular and iPad webbrowsers: at the conference, Bruno Fierens of TMS Software just showed their new IntraWeb HTML5 chart component as he promised on his blog.

Cool work in progress.

Should become public soon!


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#Huawei “Mobile Partner” Software #fail it doesn’t work in Windows 7 x64 and breaks the ThinkPad Fn keys

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/09/10

In order to get non-roaming UMTS internet in Germany, I borrowed a Huawei USB device.

Though I had bad experiences with those kinds of devices 5 years ago under XP (where the Huawei software would add a new virtual COM port for each install, finally blocking at COM32, and also blocking the recognition of any new USB device) I hoped for a better experience this time.

Not so: The new software is called “Mobile Partner”, but I’d like them to strip the name “Partner” of their software.

  1. the software was German only (I can read German, but I’d like English on my English system)
  2. after installing the software, my Fn key combinations on my ThinkPad keyboard would not not work any more
  3. after installing the software, removing the device, rebooting, their software would not recognize the device when I plugged it in
No more Huawei USB devices for me.


Via:  Huawei E220 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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#KOMED internet experience: getting it to work is hard, but it is FAST

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/09/10

Highspeed internet at KOMED is quite a different experience from Swisscom hotel internet at the NH Köln hotel yesterday:

  1. Following the PayPal link at their [Wayback] redirection site does not work: it times out.
  2. After twisting some peoples arms, I was allowed to get a “Konferenzpass”.
    That one works at once, and is blindingly fast compared to yesterday; see the screenshot below.

When trying to find my way towards the KOMED conference rooms, I had a weird experience: rooms 1..5 (called RAUM EINZ, ZWEI, DREI, VIER und FÜNF in German), you could see room 1, 2, 4 and 5 from the ground floor as they were marked with large friendly letters on the same wall as their doors, very well visible from the ground floor.

Not so with room 3 (where I had to be): that marking was on the wall 90 degrees off the door, not visible from the floor. Actually, it was only visible when you were actually standing next to the door. From the ground floor, the door looks like a fire door continuing the curved corridor in front of rooms 1 and 2.

Someone should put “RAUM DREI” above the door to Room 3 there.

Back to the internet at KOMED: the speed is a pleasant experience compared to what Swisscom provided yesterday.This was the attained speed:


Via: [Wayback] UPC Speedtest.

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Stephen Forte`s Blog – Silverlight is Dead, Long Live XAML

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/09/10

Interesting, when you compare this with FireMonkey: native versus managed, and both good UIs.

Interesting times ahead.

In retrospect: storing the form in a DFM wasn’t such a bad idea after all :)


Via: Stephen Forte`s Blog – Silverlight is Dead, Long Live XAML.

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#FireMonkey will be #updated early, #often and regularly. Before the end of this month, and initially multiple updates per quarter, later once per quarter (Michael Swindell on the #Embarcadero Discussion Forums)

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/09/10

Quoting Michael Swindell:

Re: Will Firemonkey be updated outside of regular product updates?

Posted: Sep 8, 2011 5:11 PM   in response to: David Schwartz

David Schwartz wrote:

The product matrix shows that Firemonkey currently supports iOS 4.2.

Apple will be introducing iOS 5 shortly.

Will Firemonkey be updated to support newer iOS features periodically (eg., iOS 5 and possibly other things)? Or just once-a-year when Delphi is updated?

Yes, since Firemonkey is 1.0 we’re going to be updating early, often, and regularly. The first update is well underway, will address a lot of great feedback, and should be out before the end of the month. We are planning updates on a regular cadence, initially several quarterly.

(I’d love to see quarterly updates.)

We’ll start out updating more often than quarterly, and settle into quarterly updates eventually. Embarcadero is behind FM in a big way, there is a lot of ongoing investment going on into this release, updates, performance enhancements, and future platform/feature support.


via Embarcadero Discussion Forums: Will Firemonkey be updated outside of ….

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