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#FireMonkey will be #updated early, #often and regularly. Before the end of this month, and initially multiple updates per quarter, later once per quarter (Michael Swindell on the #Embarcadero Discussion Forums)

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/09/10

Quoting Michael Swindell:

Re: Will Firemonkey be updated outside of regular product updates?

Posted: Sep 8, 2011 5:11 PM   in response to: David Schwartz

David Schwartz wrote:

The product matrix shows that Firemonkey currently supports iOS 4.2.

Apple will be introducing iOS 5 shortly.

Will Firemonkey be updated to support newer iOS features periodically (eg., iOS 5 and possibly other things)? Or just once-a-year when Delphi is updated?

Yes, since Firemonkey is 1.0 we’re going to be updating early, often, and regularly. The first update is well underway, will address a lot of great feedback, and should be out before the end of the month. We are planning updates on a regular cadence, initially several quarterly.

(I’d love to see quarterly updates.)

We’ll start out updating more often than quarterly, and settle into quarterly updates eventually. Embarcadero is behind FM in a big way, there is a lot of ongoing investment going on into this release, updates, performance enhancements, and future platform/feature support.


via Embarcadero Discussion Forums: Will Firemonkey be updated outside of ….

12 Responses to “#FireMonkey will be #updated early, #often and regularly. Before the end of this month, and initially multiple updates per quarter, later once per quarter (Michael Swindell on the #Embarcadero Discussion Forums)”

  1. LDS said

    I’d like to see Delphi bugs fixed quarterly…

  2. Carlos said

    I would like to see it supporting Android asap.

  3. Richard King said

    I would like to upload the source as well. Is Google code a good spot or is there somewhere better for Delphi projects?

    • jpluimers said

      There are many good places you can use, Google Code, SourceForge or CodePlex are good places for SVN. For distributed version control there are plenty places too.

  4. Richard King said

    This is good news even though I haven’t encountered any problems I couldn’t work around. Just spent an enjoyable day playing with Firemonkey 3D — not had so much fun since I was a kid!

    The result of a day’s labour (most of my time was spent working out how to set the material properties correctly on dozens of meshes comprising the 3D model) is here: (this is nearly a 3MB download)

    (with a screenshot here – this is just 70KB)

    The unzipped exe is over 30MB in size (the lunar module model is highly detailed and therefore quite large). You will need 7zip to unzip the exe from the downloaded file.

    Double click the moon to change the lighting model from spot to point. There are no other user controls at the moment…

    Feel free to use this in the rest of the XE2 World Tour presentations or at Delphi Live (I’d love to be there!).

    Richard King

    PS lunar module model obtained from and moon image obtained from NASA websites.

  5. Ken Randall said

    Good news as it is little more tahn a toy now.

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