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Archive for September 11th, 2011

FastMM XE2 update on in the SVN SCM trunk

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/09/11

Pierre le Riche just committed two changes to the FastMM: SCM:

Which means that I can demo this during my DelphiLive sessions.

Great work Pierre!


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Arrived in San Jose, CA, USA for the DelphiLive tutorial and conference (DelphiLive people get internet free!)

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/09/11

I had a pretty OK direct KLM flight from AMS to SFO.

Apart from some people behind me that seemed to have sufficient motoric coordination issues that they had to grab my chair each time they got up, or put their traytable up.  Some – even Dutch! – seem to think that using force is the only way to get things done. So thank you people in seats 28H, J and K for ruining my sleep.
The advantage of being in seat 27H in a Boeing 747-400 is that you get food really fast, and have direct access to drinks from the galley :)

Frank Stepan – one of the DelphiLive organizers – picked me up at the airport, and got me to the conference hotel in Downtown San Jose.

Check in went smooth.

Connecting to the Internet too: it is a breeze, compared to the Swisscom experience at the NH Hotel in Köln last week.

Not as fast as the KOMED internet on saturday, but you have two choices:

FreeDowntownWifi, which is – err – free. And has reasonable speed.

iBAHN internet, which is – err – free for DelphiLive attendees ans speakers. And also has reasonable speed.

So I upgraded my iPad firmware, downloaded the new TomTom USA Map, and synced my gadgets to the cloud.

Time to do some final preparations on my tutorial and sessions, and then get something to eat.


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Companies that ship to the USA, but require USA credit-card or PayPal

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/09/11

Sometimes it is convenient to order something to be delivered in the USA, but from a non-USA credit-card. For instance when visting the USA or when sending a gift to a friend.

Many companies don’t allow that.

These companies are of no use when you live outside the USA, but want to have something delivered within the USA:


Those companies do work though:

This list will be updated over time…


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