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Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 – Protecting Workbooks and Worksheets

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/05/04

One of the things about the Office 2007 and 2010 Ribbon is that it makes the things that you have remembered for 10+ years go into hard to find places.

My point is that according to the ribbon documenation:

A ribbon can replace both the traditional menu bar and toolbars.

Microsoft has decided to read the “a ribbon can replace” as “the ribbon replaces”. Thereby also introducing a whole new naming for the UI elements used in ribbons (see at the bottom).

Tab "Review"; Group "Changes"; Commands "Protect Sheet" / "Protect Workbook"

Tab “Review”; Group “Changes”; Commands “Protect Sheet” / “Protect Workbook”

Protecting a worksheet and workbook have been in the menu “Tools”, submenu “Protection” forever. But alas: No more “Tools” menu, and accompanying keyboard shortcut productivity (and I needed “unprotect workbook” because you cannot copy workbooks inside a protected workbook).

As “password protect worksheet” shows, it is now under:

  1. Tab: Review
  2. Group: Changes
  3. Commands: Protect Sheet / Unprotect Sheet / Protect Workbook / Unprotect Workbook


via: Microsoft Excel 2007 – Protecting Workbooks.

Naming of ribbon UI elements

Naming of ribbon UI elements

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