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Some links on the Delphi compiler and the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Project

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/06/05

A long while ago I read about Embarcadero Discussion Forums: Barry Kelly on LLVM … I think it was 2010, the thread is gone now (probably because the Embarcadero forum index does not go back more than one year), but the title still shows up at Google search: Barry+Kelly+on+LLVM

Barry Kelly is one of the Delphi compiler engineers, so it got me thinking and made me archive some links (I wish I had archived the content as well as the Wayback Machine didn’t archive some defunct links.)

Today Paweł Głowacki presents the Mac and Mobile Development for Windows Developers event and indicated future Delphi compiler platform targets like ARM will indeed make use of the The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Project..

(if you still want to come: you are welcome, there are a few spots left; The event is June 5, 2012 at 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM
at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven Conference Center, The Strip).

Delphi leveraging LLVM for ARM is important in more than a few ways:

  • iOS runs on ARM, and the Apple Xcode IDE levarages LLVM for Objective-C
    so the current Free Pascal Compiler construction (FPC is not LLVM based) won’t be needed any more
  • most Android devices run ARM
  • Windows 8 will support both ARM and x86

A couple of other interesting links:

This might also be relevant, though it is more than a year earlier (I’m speculating here, but I think the whole LLVM preparation started with part of the Delphi compiler be translated from the C base – originally written by Peter Sollich, and worked on by many people – to C++):

And some more defunct links:


PS: Funny, after posting, WordPress gave me this quote:

I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter.

–Blaise Pascal

10 Responses to “Some links on the Delphi compiler and the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Project”

  1. […] Some links on the Delphi compiler and the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Project (not yet archived at the WayBack machine) […]

  2. […] wrote about Some links on the Delphi compiler and the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Project about a year and a half ago which caused a short discussion on the embarcadero forums. A few month […]

  3. Thaddy de Koning said

    As a further couple of notes:
    1. Yes, this – llvm – works with FPC trunk 2.7.1 although the tool chain is very long, but the llvm executables are near optimal when done properly.
    2. No it does not (yet) work for Lazarus, although a widget-set could be created for any of the java GUI libs out there.
    3. Your mileage may vary, but sometimes: yes, llvm native produces faster code than a fully native FreePascal executable.
    4. You can use most Java standard libraries by means of a class importer.
    5. Since Florian fears for his hobby and the original llvm maintainer – which is dormant like a parrot – also did the Java port I understand llvm is on hold for Freepascal (but that doesn’t really matter, does it ;) It works!)

    • jpluimers said

      Can you elaborate on the “Florian” and “on hold” part?

      • Quot licet Iovi non licet bovi said

        Florian is the guy who created FPC.

        AFAIU, on hold here means no work is done on it.

        For more info, look through the various FPC mailing list archives…

  4. Thaddy de Koning said

    A bit late, but of interest for those who like exotica:
    Freepascal can use llvm with its java VM back end using either GCJ or for example vmkit to produce llvm executables.
    It emits valid java bytecode wich can be used with any java bytecode to native implementation.

  5. […] […]

  6. PaulF said

    CodeNewsFast does have it on cache (Barry Kelly on LLVM):

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