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Archive for June 19th, 2013

CodeRage Mobile day 2 QA

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/06/19

I had a bit of trouble getting into CodeRage Mobile: somehow the confirmation email never reached the servers. After retrying today, @EmbarcaderoTech sent a GotoMeeting link that worked.

Later I will try to trace back about the mail issue (:

I’m in now, and since I usually loose the QA information, here is a dump of the QA for today so far.

Will try to find time for post editing and getting the URLs clickable.

Welcome to CodeRage Mobile! Read the rest of this entry »

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Is there a Google Reader replacement that keeps ALL Google Reader history?

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/06/19

A while ago, I posted Google Reader alternatives: did you make a choice yet? indicating this about Feedly:

PRO: GR imported posts contains all history (even from blog feeds that are now defunct)

Well, I was proven wrong by this Feedly posting about the migration to their own cloud: [IMPORTANT] Preparing to be upgraded to the new feedly cloud | Building Feedly.

The one part we did not migrate from google reader is your history (too much data) so you have to expect that you are starting from a blank history and your unread counts will be reset. This is a one time issue.

Is there any Google Reader replacement that imports full history?


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Vintage Dave is working on a new multithreaded memory manager for Delphi that does not have a global lock

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/06/19

The comment thread at via [WayBack] The Oracle at Delphi » Give in to the ARC side (now at [WayBackplace 1 and [WayBack] 2) is very interesting.

So soon after writing a StackOverflow [WayBackanswer on Delphi Memory Managers yesterday, [WayBack] this one by [WayBack] David M (aka vintagedave) caught my eye:

This is unannounced at the moment, but I am working on a new memory manager which does not have a global lock, and is designed for multithreaded usage, including cases where memory is allocated in one thread and freed in another, and many threads are allocating and freeing at once. It also uses a more secure design than FastMM4, which may be important for world-facing code, eg web servers. It’s a personal project which I have not yet announced, but if you are interested (Allen, Guenther, others) please feel free to contact me at

I wonder if it is better than the multithreaded Delphi memory managers I mentioned in the answer:

As a side note:

One of the reasons for using FastMM is the excellent debugging capabilities. It looks like – though not free – DDDebug extends this a lot!

I found it in Wanted: live leak detection for FastMM – and [WayBackTURBU Tech » Blog Archive » Wanted: live leak detection for FastMM.


via The Oracle at Delphi » Give in to the ARC side.

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Samples Environment for Microsoft Chart Controls – Release: Samples for Chart Control – .NET Framework 4

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/06/19

I hadn’t done Charting for a while, but these got going very quickly:

Samples Environment for Microsoft Chart Controls – Release: Samples for Chart Control – .NET Framework 4.

There are example downloads for ASP.NET and WinForms requiring .NET 4 or higher.

In addition, these starting points also proved to be really helpful:

Since my objective was adding charts to an existing WinForms business app, this was the namespace at hand: System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.Charting Namespace ().

If you are at .NET 3.5, then start at DataVisualization.Charting.Chart simple example – C# – Snipplr Social Snippet Repository.


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