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When your Delphi XE Browsing Path has been destroyed Ken White to the rescue (via: Stack Overflow)

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/08/11

Something overwrote the Browsing Path of my Delphi XE installation.


  • When debugging a project in “use debug DCUs” mode, the IDE cannot find RTL, VCL and Indy units.
  • When you type `System` in a source file, then press `Ctrl+Enter`, the IDE cannot find the source code to the `System.pas` unit.

It was faster to examine the Delphi XE Library registry settings from Ken White than comparing them with a backup or a fresh Delphi XE install.

Now it works fine…


via: Delphi can’t find System.dcu; what should the default path settings be? – Stack Overflow.

2 Responses to “When your Delphi XE Browsing Path has been destroyed Ken White to the rescue (via: Stack Overflow)”

  1. Navid Madani said

    One of EMBT’s support techs gave me the following tip about the -r command line switch to fix such problems:

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