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X-mas present: Beyond Compare v4 beta for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/12/24

I’ve been wanting this a very long time, so I’m going to install it Right Now ™ (:

Right before X-Mas, Scooter Software did the ANN: Beyond Compare 4.0 beta available on Windows, Linux, and OS X:

Posted: Dec 23, 2013 4:17 PM

Beyond Compare 4.0 beta is now available for testing on Windows, Linux, and OS X.

This version adds a number of new features:

  • – OS X support
  • – An improved user interface
  • – 3-way folder merge
  • – Support for marking text unimportant separately from the file format
  • – Compare against WebDAV servers, Subversion remote repositories, and Dropbox\’s cloud
  • – An overhauled picture compare
  • – Inline editing in the hex compare
  • – A \”View Patch\” command that pulls the patch apart into a side-by-side display
  • – Improved high DPI support
  • – .zipx support for all compression algorithms
  • – Many other fixes and enhancements

Craig Peterson
Scooter Software

The G+ announcement has a few more details: Craig Peterson – Google+ – Beyond Compare 4.0 beta is now available, on Windows,….

A few notes:

  • Since this is a beta, all regular warnings apply.
  • It is a public beta, so anyone can download for Mac OS X, Windows, and 4 different Linux package flavours.
  • The BC4 beta what’s new shows there is a lot more than “just” Mac OS X support.
  • The BC4 beta forums are open to the general public. There is already quite some content from the alpha phase.
  • The BC4 beta change log shows it has been in alpha for more than 9 months now.
  • The BC4 beta videos show that the regular features are still there (including portable install) but with a completely new Firemonkey like UI so you can watch it run on Mac OS X as well. The fun part: it is not Firemonkey, it is Lazarus!
  • Current “drop dead” license ends end of Februari 2014.

OS X and command-line tip

One important thing if you have installed on OS X and are used to command-line and/or VCS integration using the bcomp or bcompare command line tools that already were available on Linux and Windows:

Using BComp instead of Beyond for VCS and OSX Command Line Utilities

To use Beyond Compare with the Command Line, please

  1. use the Beyond Compare menu and
  2. select Install Command Line Tools.

This will add ‘bcomp’ and ‘bcompare’ utilities into /usr/local/bin. By default, this location is available from the command line or for third party applications.

via Using BComp instead of Beyond for VCS and OSX Command Line Utilities – Scooter Forums.


via: Embarcadero Discussion Forums: ANN: Beyond Compare 4.0 beta available ….

Beyond Compare 4 beta on Mac OS X

Beyond Compare 4 beta on Mac OS X

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