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To force-quit Mac Applications: the Mac equivalent of “Ctrl Alt Delete” (via: Option-Command-Esc

Posted by jpluimers on 2014/02/03

Once every while, a full screen app on your Mac hangs, and there is no way to Command-Tab to another application.

PC addicts then press Ctrl+Alt+Del, to either get to the Task Manager, or to logoff/reboot.

For a Mac, there are two:

  1. Force Quit
    – Simultaneously hit “command” + “option” + “esc” on the keyboard ( Option+ Command+Esc)
    – In the “Force Quit Applications” window that appears, select the stalled application and force quit it.
  2. Force Reboot
    – Be aware that this works immediately
    – Simultaneously hit “command” + “option” + “power” on the keyboard (Control+ Command+Power)

There used to be a “This is not DOS”  joke in Mac OS X, but it is gone now.

I remember the first shortcut as follows:

  • Windows: Ctrl-Shift-Esc starts the task manager.
  • Apple: Option-Command-Esc starts the task killer.


via: How to “Ctrl Alt Delete” on a Mac |

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