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Hopefully Embarcadero will publish official guidelines to make the IDE High DPI aware…

Posted by jpluimers on 2015/02/09

With the common-place of High DPI it is surprising the IDE hasn’t gotten more love in this respect.

The VCL can do it (Dalija Prasnikar knows an awful lot about Delphi High DPI), but the IDE can’t yet (it is *****^H^H^H^H^H very irritating that you need to login to see quality portal reports though apart from Google not being able to index them: the main reason I don’t file bug reports any more – QC is no alternative as it it is more or less defunct – but I digress).

With Delphi turning 20 years old this week, hopefully Embarcadero comes out with official steps to make recent versions of Delphi XE* High DPI aware.

Right now there is only some hearsay it might work: Does anyone have idea about how to make Delphi IDE (XE7) support High DPI…



High DPI awareness is must have feature for XE8.

Not only for Delphi IDE, but also for VCL and FMX frameworks.

via Dalija Prasnikar – Google+.

3 Responses to “Hopefully Embarcadero will publish official guidelines to make the IDE High DPI aware…”

  1. WarrenP said

    We have built our own per-monitor-DPI aware extended VCL controls, and I use DirectWrite and a font based icon system to avoid resolution independency for bitmaps.

  2. David Heffernan said

    The VCL is only partly high DPI aware. The whole image list / image index isn’t really cut out for DPI aware. The TForm.Scaled property gets you along way, but you really need to use different sized images for different DPI scalings. Dynamic DPI awareness, per-monitor awareness you have to write yourself.

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