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    Join 2,358 other followers replacement – which one to choose?

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/03/23

As will go down on 20160501 (about 6 weeks from now), I’m searching for alternatives.

These tables weren’t really useful when digging information for my use cases:

Use cases

This is how we use (where our installed machines have Windows, Mac OS X and Linux on them) now:

  1. Sync and share between our scanner VM, the various machines of my wife and me (using the different accounts for each user) and including off-site/in-cloud storage.
    This holds for about 20 gigabytes of data and grows about 1.5-2 gigabytes per year.
  2. Sync project documents between various business contacts and myself (the documents that aren’t part of versioning systems yet).
    Not much data yet (100s of megabytes as most people tend to use DropBox for this even though has the option of setting permissions)
  3. Sync and share my BIN directory tree with tools where my own user has read/write permissions and other users have read-only permissions.
    This holds for about 2 gigabytes of data.
  4. Sync and share my installer directory (ISOs, MSIs, DMGs, etc) between my main Mac and Windows machines and various other ones.
    This holds for about 40 gigabytes of data and grows faster than any of the others.

Dropbox doesn’t cut it for various reasons:

  1. It sucks at long filenames (especially on Windows).
  2. It won’t properly handle various encodings (like between Windows and Mac).
  3. Often it hangs on local-sync (although also does that, but less often).

What to choose?

On my shortlist to experiment with are Google Drive and, although it’s not clear if handles syncing well (Ken Logon thinks it looses data) and it’s security might not be good (although that’s a statement by Kim Dotcom who has stakes).

Any others? Or should I choose a mix of tooling?

Tencent/Weiyun might be useful for ISO images of installers (like the ISOs MSDN doesn’t have any more): Download Tencent/Weiyun 10TB cloud storage english language files


PS: later (20160402) via KPN stopt 1 augustus met cloudopslagdienst Up – IT Pro – Nieuws – Tweakers

One Response to “ replacement – which one to choose?”

  1. […] of the things after moving most of my things from to Google Drive was the direct (public) download URLs that provides. DropBox has them as well, but Google […]

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