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Archive for November 10th, 2016

Fixing `Unable to create ModelMaker Tools Shared Directory` and `Cannot create file “C:\HungarianTypeLookup.txt”. Access is denied.`

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/11/10

Like many Delphi 3rd party product, new ModelMaker Code Explorer (often abbreviated as MMX) releases have not been as thick as in the heydays (look at the history for versions 7, 8 , 9, 10, 11 and 12).

Unlike a lot of products it is still there, still very stable and hasn’t been acquired which it means it is available for a wide range of Delphi versions. So I still use it, but know certain issues will likely be never solved.

One of these issues is running ModelMaker Code Explorer as a different user than the installing user. In the authors words:

You need to install MMX as the same user that will run MMX.
MMX does not support running as a different user than the one installed.

This requirement becomes increasingly difficult to satisfy. This especially happens in more security conscious organisations where there is a clear distinction in rights between users that can install software and the ones that use the software. But it can also happen when you switch users because of infrastructure changes (new Windows domain, no Windows domain, etc).

Delphi itself copes reasonably well with that, as does GExperts, but MMX doesn’t. Despite the writeup on How to verify a Code Explorer installation? it lacks two things:

  1. explaining the below kinds of error messages when you run MMX with a different user than you installed MMX
  2. explaining some easy steps to fix this

As I roam a lot, I’ve spent about a day fiddling and writing up the below information:

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Old Google Charting API: tools for still using them

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/11/10

While mocking the ScaleMM documentation, I bumped into a chart that I thought was an image, but is in fact generated by the (now deprecated) Image Charts API from Google.

In fact it is generated on the fly from a URL:,0,16|1,0,14682…&nonsense=something_that_ends_with.png

Compare the two below. They are identical (:

Static ScaleMM1 comparison chart

Static ScaleMM1 comparison chart

URL based ScaleMM1 comparison chart

URL based ScaleMM1 comparison chart

Even though the API is deprecated Google has no plans to turn it of, so it still works and is the easiest way to get charts into a Markdown or reStructuredText document.

In practice, it doesn’t matter if you use the or domain: they give the same results the same.

As I wanted to convert the results.txt to a chart, I dissected the above URL, looked up the definitions of the URL parameters (the trickiest: cds for lxy graphs and the combination of chds and chxr, easier: chls) and created a new URL for the chart below.

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