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Archive for November 29th, 2016

When AQTime thinks it’s running during install and aborts installation

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/11/29

I had this warning (which is actually an error: you cannot continue as pressing OK would get you the same warning over and over again) during AQTime installation a while ago:

Setup has detected AQtime running on your computer. You must close the application and press OK to continue.

Press Cancel to abort installation.
OK   Cancel

Back then:

  1. I was Administrator
  2. The Installer download was from
  3. The embedded version was 8.50.1720
  4. It did successfully extract the AQtime.msi before bailing out

The fix (from SmartBear support) was remarkably simple, so I was surprised I could not find it online:

If your downloaded, saved AQtime installation package is named AQtime.exe, rename it: (ex: AQtime850.exe and you should then be able to complete the installation process.

So basically renaming AQTime.exe into AQTime850.exe allowed it to install.


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james-atkinson/speedcomplainer: A python app that will test your internet connection and then complain to your service provider (and log to a data store if you’d like)

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/11/29

Cool: james-atkinson/speedcomplainer: A python app that will test your internet connection and then complain to your service provider (and log to a data store if you’d like)

It can auto-tweet your status to an ISP.



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Disable TR-069 on a Fritz!Box and check if that was succesful – translated from a post by Hartmut Goebel 

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/11/29

Just in case you got scared by the TR-064 hack and likely causality to the German Telekom ISP outage yesterday as some modems expose TR-064 via the TR-069 WAN access, here is how to disable TR-069 in your Fritz!Box: [WayBackTR-069 auf Fritzbox ausschalten und Ergebnis prüfen — Hartmut Goebel · CISSP, CSSLP · Berater für Information-Security-Management

Note that for Fritz!Box the TR-069 implementation is not as bad as some Speedport devices used by Telekom, but you might want to consider turning TR-069 off:

If you trust yourself to keep the Fritz!Box firmware *and* settings up-to-date better than your ISP does, below are the translated steps.

Steps to disable TR-069 on a Fritz!Box router

  1. Activate telnetd on your Fritz!Box via a connected phone by dialing #96*7*
  2. Connect to your Fritz!Box over telnet at using telnet or instead of, use the IP-address of your Fritz!Box device
    • the password is the same as the password in the Fritz!Box web interface
  3. Disable TR-069 by typing this command: ctlmgr_ctl w tr069 settings/enabled 0
  4. Verify the TR-069 is off by looking at configuration file with this command: cat /var/flash/tr069.cfg
    • Check that at the start there is a line with enabled = no
  5. Disable telnetd on your Fritz!Box via a connected by by dialing  #96*8*
Note that even without a phone you can enable/disable telnetd as described by [WayBack] FRITZ!Box VoIP password extraction 



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The curse of the Project.res file.

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/11/29

A long time ago, Lars Fosdal wrote this on the Delphi G+ group:

It really is beyond me why there is no Project.rc file which includes

  • Project.version.rc
  • Project.icon.rc
  • Project.themes.rc
  • Project.manifest.xml
  • and so forth.

That way, the .res file would be a compile-time thing (or even a thing of the past) – and the resource linker would assemble the various bits from their individual sources.

It has been an issue forever. Vincent Parrett correctly commented that if you clean out too much out of the Project.res file, the IDE gets confused:

The only thing it is used for is version info and the mainicon (the IDE gets confused if don’t do that).

In my own experience, this isn’t the case for all Delphi versions, but I forgot which versions suffer and which don’t. I think the IDE theming issue omitting the Application word in the .dpr is related.

Like many of the G+ commenters, I’ve switched to script based resources for my own projects a long time ago. That’s also the reason why I forgot: this approach just works for any Delphi version.

This post is a reminder to self to see if the IDE has finally refrained from doing Project.res handling itself.


Source: The curse of the Project.res file…

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