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Disable TR-069 on a Fritz!Box and check if that was succesful – translated from a post by Hartmut Goebel 

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/11/29

Just in case you got scared by the TR-064 hack and likely causality to the German Telekom ISP outage yesterday as some modems expose TR-064 via the TR-069 WAN access, here is how to disable TR-069 in your Fritz!Box: [WayBackTR-069 auf Fritzbox ausschalten und Ergebnis prüfen — Hartmut Goebel · CISSP, CSSLP · Berater für Information-Security-Management

Note that for Fritz!Box the TR-069 implementation is not as bad as some Speedport devices used by Telekom, but you might want to consider turning TR-069 off:

If you trust yourself to keep the Fritz!Box firmware *and* settings up-to-date better than your ISP does, below are the translated steps.

Steps to disable TR-069 on a Fritz!Box router

  1. Activate telnetd on your Fritz!Box via a connected phone by dialing #96*7*
  2. Connect to your Fritz!Box over telnet at using telnet or instead of, use the IP-address of your Fritz!Box device
    • the password is the same as the password in the Fritz!Box web interface
  3. Disable TR-069 by typing this command: ctlmgr_ctl w tr069 settings/enabled 0
  4. Verify the TR-069 is off by looking at configuration file with this command: cat /var/flash/tr069.cfg
    • Check that at the start there is a line with enabled = no
  5. Disable telnetd on your Fritz!Box via a connected by by dialing  #96*8*
Note that even without a phone you can enable/disable telnetd as described by [WayBack] FRITZ!Box VoIP password extraction 



2 Responses to “Disable TR-069 on a Fritz!Box and check if that was succesful – translated from a post by Hartmut Goebel ”

  1. Goran said

    Telnet is no longer available.

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