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Mikrotik scripting language: a list of questions I had linking to the forum messages having answers

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/06/08

The RouterOS scripting language you can use on Mikrotik device immediately shows it’s origin: the console.

  • It is a statement oriented language where statement separators can be both semicolons and new-lines.
  • You can use the \ at the end-of the line as line-continuation character effectively spreading statements over multiple lines.

As promised some links to questions I asked:

Some questions by others that were also extremely useful:

And a few observations:

  • Functions do not need to be global. The RouterOS Scripting Manual paragraph on functions shows an example with :global that works just as fine with :local
    :local myFunc do={:put "hello from function"} 
    # output: 
    # hello from function
  • a


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