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Why I care about QC and the Delphi community.

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/06/09

QC now forwards to QP and it is no longer possible to see your older open QC posts. Since the RAD Studio IDE still appear to report issues to QC – how can we now keep track of our submitted issues?

When will the internal error reporting in RAD Studio file reports to QP instead of QC?

[WayBack] – Lars Fosdal – Google+

in a response to

[WayBackQuality Keeps Moving Forward – Community Blogs – Embarcadero Community

A few people wondered about my (QC) criticism and some mistakenly see this as frustration.

Not being an MVP any more allows me to continue voicing these, as I get these from fellow other Delphi developers and clients.

I’m not frustrated. I voice criticism on social media as I still deeply care about the Delphi community. They are entitled to excellent products and easily searched/obtained information, especially for less than current products as these are the ones that are still widely used and made Delphi great and Borland/Inprise/Embarcadero/Idera earn a lot of money. QC is an important part of that as it has input from a lot of knowledgeable people inside the Delphi community.

Of course I know that the Delphi team has lost a lot of valuable people and resources, their infrastructure is having difficulties (hence deleting forum posts, shutting down services and even suffer from outages every now and then for which I usually warned them shortly after they happened) and they have a truckload of things on their hands. But I hardly see them reach out to the community for any help, so there is not much I can guess on how they want to be helped.

Criticism that canalizes sentiments from parts of the community at least gives them a place to respond and help set things straight.

The reason I care about the Delphi community is that they still give me a big feeling of a kind of family helping each other.

Even being in the field for well over 20 years, I still find that there are lots of Delphi things I do not know or have forgotten. Asking around in the community in a proper way usually gets me going very quickly for the former. For the latter, I have and Google Search.

I spent almost a day investigating which QC links I had already archived and which I didn’t. That’s the dedication I expect from the Delphi team as well.


This is yet another reason to keep QC: even the Tokyo release notes refer to them: [WayBackList of new features and customer reported issues fixed in RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo.


3 Responses to “Why I care about QC and the Delphi community.”

  1. jpluimers said

    Via G+

    +Jeroen Wiert Pluimers I remember when… the “TI” whet the same way (TJoe wrote over 700 of them). Before it did, I archived them all, indexed them, and made (and published) a win help file called MOTI (the Mother Of All TI’s)I still refer to it sometimes. Funny thing… I often search for code and answers, then suddenly realize, “Hey, I wrote that!…. WTF???”…. I must be getting old.

  2. Nicholas Ring said

    What Idera should have done was to create a read-only JIRA project and transferred the items across… as I said “should have done”

    • Joseph Mitzen said

      It’s the most obvious and logical solution. Sadly, they almost always seem to choose the option that’s easiest for them to implement rather than what’s best for us. It’s almost like no one there actually uses Delphi and has no idea what a Delphi developer needs or wants.

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