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Why do 90% of the Visual Studio Tools and Extensions make it so hard to update…

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/03/08

Worth repeating my [WayBack] Friday developers rant… Why do 90% of the Visual Studio Tools and Extensions make it so !@#$!@#$ hard to update.… – Jeroen Wiert Pluimers – Google+:

Why do 90% of the Visual Studio Tools and Extensions make it so !@#$!@#$ hard to update as for *each* tool, you have to:

1. start Visual Studio (which doesn’t show progress, sometimes starts fast and sometimes takes a minute)
2. go to “Tools” menu, then to the “Extensions and Updates…” entry
3. in the dialog, browse to the bottom entry of the leftmost treeview (“Updates”) and click on it (as you cannot reach it by keyboard)
4. click the “Update” button for the topmost tool (it downloads with your default web browser which takes focus away from Visual Studio)
5. switch back to Visual Studio
6. close the “Extensions and Updates…” dialog
7. quit Visual studio
8. find the downloaded updater in your web browser (all !@#*!@# web browsers do this in a different way)
9. update (specify options, choose UAC elevation when needed, etc, etc)
10. wait for the update to complete (.NET Core 1.0.1, Microsoft Azure SDK for .NET and Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools take ages to complete and for most of the time stay at 95% of the progress bar for minutes. It’s called progress bar for a reason, track your progress evenly and hurry up!)
11. start over at step 1 for the next update

10 )!@($#*%&@# manual steps PER UPDATE

Afterwards you need to clean all the downloaded installers as they often are partial web-installers which cannot be re-used

I want a “update all with default settings” button….


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