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Do not use non-ASCII characters as identifiers – not all your tools support them well enough

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/04/05

For a very long time I’ve discouraged people from using non-ASCII characters in identifiers. It still holds.

In the past, transliterations messed things up. Even with increased support for Unicode, tools still screw non-ASCII characters up.

Delphi is not alone in this (the most important one is the DFM view as text support), see this report: [RSP-16767] Viewing a form as text fails with non ascii control or event names – Embarcadero Technologies (you need an account for this, but the report is visible for anyone):

Viewing a form as text fails with non ascii control or event names Comment


  1. create a new VCL forms application
  2. drop a label onto the form
  3. change the name of that label to lblÜberfall (note the U-umlaut)
  4. switch to view as text
  • exp: DFM content shown as text
  • act: first line is shown incorrectly (see screenhsot)


Source: [RSP-16767] Viewing a form as text fails with non ascii control or event names – Embarcadero Technologies

via: [WayBack] Code of the day – – Thomas Mueller (dummzeuch) – Google+:

function TNameGenerator.StrasseToStrasse(const _Strasse: string): string;
Result := _Strasse;

Strasse := StrasseToStrasse(_Strasse);

Source: 24-01-_2017_15-05-22.png (281×386)

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