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20 things you didn’t know you could do with Search

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/09/20

After [WayBack] 20 years of Google: [WayBack] 20 things you didn’t know you could do with Search

  1. [WayBack] Fill your schedule with nearby events
    Example: night life near me
  2. [WayBack] Movie showtimes and tickets
    Example: showtimes or movies near me
  3. [WayBack] Recipe Search
    Example: curry recipe
  4. [] Live sports scores
    Example: uefa scores
  5. [WayBack] Styling and shopping help from Google Images
    Example: none; does not work for “black mens pants
  6. [WayBack] Find your next job
    Example: vacancies near me, retail jobs
  7. [WayBack] Discover the right college for you
    Example: none; fails outside the USA with for instance Amsterdam college
  8. [WayBack] Help with health questions
    Example: clinical depression
  9. [WayBack] Figure out who owes what 
    Example: tip calculator, but with keyboard only works out if you tab out of the fields
  10. [WayBack] Convert cash: If you’re heading out on a trip, here’s a tool that makes a ton of cents
    Example: 43 USD in EUR and 2 mebibyte in bytes (but does not give an integer result)
  11. [WayBack] Track packages
    Example: 782684356320
  12. [WayBack] Quick access to appointments, flights and more
    Example: my trips
  13. [WayBack] Get the numbers about your noms
    Example: how many calories in a slice of bread
  14. [WayBack] Definitions and synonyms
    Example: meaning of life, fails to tell you 42
  15. [WayBack] Ask complex multi-part questions
    Example: which members of the bee gees died is too complex; how old is our prime minister gives a list of prime ministers, but how old is the pope works
  16. [WayBack] Search with an image
    Example: my own picture
  17. [WayBack] Check how to say massive numbers correctly
    Example: 343597383680 in english
  18. [WayBack] Search within a time period
    Example: medieval jobs
  19. [WayBack] Search within a site
  20. [WayBack] Advanced Search
    Example: allintext: verkiezingen filetype:pdf

Via [WayBack] Settling more than just bets since 1998, here are 20 ways to step up your Search game → – Google – Google+



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