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Archive for September 15th, 2018

Not cool: openSuse Tumbleweed switched DHCP clientID algorithm on Raspberry Pi 3, so now all devices get a non-static DHCP address

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/09/15

Not sure in which changeset this happened, but here is one example:

  1. old DHCP client ID 1:b8:27:eb:1a:b1:ec
  2. new DHCP client ID ff:eb:78:a9:4:0:1:0:1:22:6:67:49:b8:27:eb:78:a9:4

The first one was marked static in the DHCP server, which means the Raspberry Pi now did get a different IP address.

This messes up a few places that cannot do proper address resolution.

Anyone who knows where this has changed / is configured?

These did not help finding the cause:


As commented by Leen below, this is about

Wicked changed its defaults to use this DHCPv6 compatible RFC4361 client-id in favour of the older RFC2132 client-id. However, this has caused some issues with older DHCPv4 servers and existing setups where the client-id stored by the server is used to assign a (static) address. It is recommended to fix this server-side, but still, wicked provides several ways of addressing this issue

So here are some links:


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Google Chrome Web Browser 69 changes

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/09/15

[WayBack] Google Chrome Web Browser 69 changes: most are not talked about (like excess whitespace, address bar search algorithm changes).


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